Extended Service Plan:

For those customers who purchase equipment and installation from us, we offer a 3 year Extended Service Plan.  This is especially important to customers who do not have a reliable repair service company in their area. Having an Extended Service Plan removes the worry and financial burden of unexpected equipment failures. The preventive maintenance portion of the service plan gives further peace of mind from knowing that the equipment is receiving scheduled cleaning and maintenance at appropriate intervals. We can design this service plan to fit your needs. If you purchase our "SMART RACK" Systems we offer on-line (via modem) monitoring of your equipment. This allows us to adjust critical set points, monitor case temperatures and pressures, monitor store temperature and humidity levels, and provides a variety of other features needed for reliable system troubleshooting. Once a problem is identified, it can be repaired in a fraction of the time normally taken for manual troubleshooting methods.  The cost of this Extended Service Plan can be added into your bank or lease financing package. Ask us for more details.

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