Like New Re-Manufactured Equipment

Like New Re-Manufactured Equipment

Remanufactured Display Cases Available at Approximately 60% the Cost of New!

Our Like-New Remanufactured Cases combined with our specially designed "SMART RACK" Systems, provide low initial cost of installation and lower cost of operation compared to conventional systems.



The most popular brands of cases we remanufacture are Hussmann, and Hill. Our process brings these cases back to original factory performance specifications. Older models can be updated by incorporating late model factory recommended modifications. In addition, we are able to create proprietary changes and options. For example, if a case has badly damaged end panels, we can manufacture new ones in our plant to match original contours and specifications. One of our own design modifications is a new Boston Bumper which is attached to NEW stainless steel trim. It normally takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete an order depending upon the number of cases and / or special options required. We deliver equipment on our own air-suspension trailers. We provide instructions, recommended piping sizes, and wiring diagrams for your installation contractor. Our installation department is available to serve those customers who do not have their own. Please take a closer look at our process:

Your order is assigned a job number in our plant. The cases are pulled from inventory (where all cases are stored inside, in a dry warehouse), and disassembled for high pressure water cleaning. Then they are routed through our sand blasting booth where all paint and rust is removed, from the case interior, and the case bottom drain pan. We take special care to preserve the original UL label.

New case panels are coated with rust inhibitive primer, and in some cases, an acid-etching primer followed by a final finish of Martin Senour acrylic enamel in the color you specify. We usually reuse the interior panels of most cases. Individual paint coats are heat dried in our "bake room". Selected models of dairy, lunch meat cases, and all produce cases have their bottoms lined with fiberglass. This treatment is applied only after sand blasting has removed all rust and old paint. A layer of 1/8" fiberglass matting and resin forms a water tight, rust proof, drain surface. Case drains are plugged and the case bottoms are filled with water to test for leaks, before being shipped.

Remanufactured Cases



  • New exterior panels are 20ga Galv-anealed metal
  • All trim is new 404 stainless steel.
  • Expansion valves are of the balanced port design by Sporlan Valve.
  • Fluorescent lamps in the Fresh Meat, Smoked Meat and Produce are T8 with electronic ballast.
  • Fluorescent lamps in the Dairy Case, and dairy doors are new CW (cool white).
  • All thermometers are new Mijilco dial indicator type with stainless steel bezels.
  • All mirrors, and mirror trim are new.
  • All frozen food, and ice cream cases have new liquid line shut off valves.
  • Evaporators are cleaned, pressure tested to 300 PSIG with nitrogen, and checked for proper dehydration.
  • All racks, bottom pans, and other case accessories are shipped with the cases.
  • Weak or damaged ballasts, broken lamp sockets and switches are replaced with new parts.
  • Damaged wiring harnesses are replaced.

Custom Cases

We also offer an Extend Service Plan.

Condensing Units


Our condensing units are steam cleaned and degreased before new primer and paint is applied. Standard features include new condensing fan motors, new contactors, new time clocks, new interlock relay for electric defrost on low temp. models, suction line vibration eliminator and suction filter, liquid line solenoid piped in the liquid line and wired for use in either pump down or thermostat control application, crankcase heaters for outdoor units, new dual pressure control with super hoses, and new oil fail controls with super hoses where applicable. Optional computer controls for each individual condensing unit can be added. This option also includes a common networking circuit board for remote communications via phone modem for off-site systems monitoring. You also have a choice in purchasing remanufactured or new DISCUS compressors by Copeland.

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