Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Systems


  • Each system is custom designed for your specific application.
  • Our system is economical to operate, both from energy savings to serviceability, and reliability.
  • We have over 25 years of in-field experience observing the performance, and component selection of not only our equipment, but also that produced by other leading manufacturers.
  • Special attention is given to the lubrication system on our systems.
  • Oil is separated from the refrigerant through a helical oil separator.
  • Oil level is constantly monitored in the high-pressure oil reservoir.
  • All oil is filtered with a special oil filter designed for polyol ester lubricants.
  • A special circuit (patent applied for) will automatically correct certain lubrication problems while protecting the compressor.
  • As standard equipment, we can monitor an alarm on low refrigerant conditions, all adjustable in the software of the on board computer
  • An end-user password is assignable to the computer to check on the status of your system at the store level.
  • A master phase monitor is utilized for single phase line conditions as well as over, or under voltage conditions. Our systems will start themselves back up automatically even after an extended power failure.
  • We offer 24 hr. monitoring and service support in the event of a problem.


Parallel Refrigeration System Advantages:

  • Cost less to operate
  • Requires smaller building main electrical service
  • Cost less to install (not including cost of rack system)
  • Uses a smaller compressor room or mechanical center outside
  • No need for large exhaust fans to move air "twice"
  • Utilizes 100% of waste heat to heat all your hot water needs
  • Can be fitted to a central station air handler heat reclaim coil for heating the sales floor to 70 degrees with an outside temperature of 40 degrees without the use of supplemental heat. *
  • Has its own 24hr. monitoring and alarm system for numerous system functions.
  • Costs less to maintain than 'single' systems
  • If one compressor fails, the others will automatically pick up the load until repairs can be made.
  • Hot Gas Defrost available for low temperature cases & meat cases (accomplishes defrost in 7 to 12 minutes instead of 45 minutes)
  • No need to run expensive power wiring for electric defrost cases

* This savings may vary depending on design of building development, taking into consideration building insulation, glass area, infiltration, etc....

General Refrigeration began in 1974 and has conducted business as a general building contractor, electrical contractor, refrigeration equipment installation contractor, refrigeration sales and service company, and a refrigeration engineering / consultant firm. Our installations range from convenient stores up to 93,000 sq. ft. full service supermarkets.

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