Heat Reclaim

Heat Reclaim


One of the outstanding features of the rack system is the utilization of all heat produced from the refrigeration system known as THOR (Total Heat of Rejection). While some people contend that raising discharge pressure to obtain useable THOR will increase utility cost, it is our contention to raise discharge pressure slightly (only 35 PSIG over the nominal set point), during use of sales area heating. We do not have to raise discharge pressure, at any time to heat hot water.

The discharge pressure set point is reset automatically only during a call for sales area heat by the rack system computer. This offset in discharge pressure, amounts to only 100 KWH/day of additional energy required to heat the sales area compared to not using heat reclaim at all. At the rate of .06/KWH, that is only $6.00/day or $180.00/month. We currently have two of our new Scroll Split Suction Racks in 2 all-electric Save-A-Lots, and during the coldest months, December & January, their electric bills ran between $3,200-$3,900/month - NO GAS BILL! One of these stores is in Zanesville, Ohio and the other is in Moundsville, WV (Northern WV).

The following is a brief description of the heat reclaim components:

Heat Reclaim Valve: This is a 4-way diverter valve to utilize hot gas refrigerant to heat the store environment.

Hot Water Reclaim Valve: This is a 4-way diverter valve to utilize hot gas refrigerant to heat the domestic water for the hot water needs of the store. Heat Reclaim Coil: Shown installed to supply heat to the store by utilizing the hot gas refrigerant.

Heat Reclaim Hot Water Tank:

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