Split Suction "SMART RACK" Systems

Split Suction "SMART RACK" Systems


  • 2 to 8 Copeland Glacier Scroll Compressors are available (depending on the application)
  • A.S.M.E. certified 14” Diameter receiver designed to our specifications and rated 450PSIG, with flow-through/surge receiver design.
  • Rack is built on a base “skid” type design for easier handling
  • Rack framework is steel, with acid etching primer applied, then painted with acrylic enamel, 3,081 lbs. total weight, measuring 10’-6” X 3’-10”
  • Deep electrical control panel is powder coated then baked in a high temperature oven.
  • Field connection box, for easier wire connections
  • Split-suction 4’ diameter type “K” suction manifold with check valve bypass
  • Compressors, defrosts and roof-top condenser controlled by Novar Opus controller.
  • Individual front panel toggle switch, and fusing for each system circuit
  • Desuperheated hot gas defrost to prevent thermal shock to evaporators.
  • Front panel pilot light to indicate status of defrost, compressors on, and any fault conditions
  • Dual high pressure relief valves preset at 425PSIG
  • Two way valve for relief valves to enable servicing without emptying receiver
  • Automatic reset high pressure cutouts
  • Gauge type liquid level indicator to calibrate electronic probe if needed
  • Probe type liquid level transducer connected to computer for local and remote monitoring
  • Evaporator pressure regulators are of Aluminum/Bronze design by Parker Hannifin Corp to provide consistent temperature control, and be corrosion free
  • Specially designed manifold prevents oil slugging during long “off” cycles
  • All electrical wiring is encased in UL approved plastic conduit to prevent chafing
  • A primary phase monitor is included to shut down, and then automatically restart the rack in the event of a single-phase condition, brownout, or over voltage condition
  • Individual single phase protection is also in each compressor
  • Average power requirements:
    • 208/240 volts, 225 amps, 60 HZ, 3 phase
    • 460/480 volts, 1250 amps, 60 HZ, 3 phase plus a 208 volt single phase control circuit rated at 20 amps
  • Alarm output relay with N.O or N.C. contacts for connection to your alarm system
  • Features sub-cooled liquid refrigerant for low temp. systems



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